Buy Amazon Digital Games Outside US

Easily Purchase Amazon Digital Products From Outside The US


Amazon’s Digital Games stores has a massive range of games at pretty competitive prices. The downside? It’s only available to customers living in the US. Not only can those crazy yanks buy their cd keys from an awesome legitimate source, they get instant delivery as well! Most of the games we purchase here are able to be added to our Origin and Steam accounts.

We can easily get around this region restriction however by amending our Amazon account billing address. The change takes around 30 seconds and will not compromise your Amazon account at all. In fact, this little trick is even easier than activating a Russian cd key via VPN. It allows customers outside the US purchase from the Amazon Digital Store.

Most of the products descriptions makes mention of the cd key needing Steam or Origin. So this is great for us. We just activate like normal. If the description doesn’t say anything about Steam & Origin, check the customers feedback as there is usually someone there asking the question.

First and foremost, make sure you have created an Amazon account and linked a working and valid credit card.

Step 1 – Search Your Game

Easy enough. Simply type in your game/cd key into the Amazon search box. You can also browse the entire Amazon Digital Games Store to see games available for pre order and those recently released.


Step 2 – Initial Purchase

Make sure that the game you are wanting to purchase is selected as PC Download. There are multiple versions of the same game over Xbox, PS3 etc so we need to ensure we have chosen the correct product.

Step 1 - Initial Purchase

Hit the “Buy and Download” button.

Step 1 - Buy And Download


Step 3 – The Region Restriction Error

If living outside the United States, you will be presented with your normal Amazon review order page with a small error at the top.


Game Downloads are only available to US Customers
We apologize for an inconvenience this may cause you

Step 2 - The Region Restriction Error


In the bottom right of your screen under Payment Summary you will see your current Billing Address.

These are the details we are wanting to change. Click on “Change”.

Step 4 – Changing Our Billing Address

Enter your full name and usual street address. The only different information we need to insert here is in the city field, state field and the ZIP field. Everything else including Phone Number can be your current and correct details.

I use the city Santa Barbara. Then set the State/Province/Region field to CA (the acronym for California) and a ZIP of 93101.

Then hit Continue…

Step 4 - Changing Our Billing Address

If you really want to go the whole nine yards you can enter a fully fake address using fully fake details however this is more work than needed.

Step 5 – Confirm the Order With Changed Billing Address

Easy enough from here. Simply check that the Billing Address area has been updated with the new US City, State and ZIP code.

If all is good, hit Complete Purchase…

Step 5 - Cofirm The Order With Changed Billing Address

Step 6 – Find Your Purchased Game / CD Key


Go into Your Games & Software Library.


Step 6 - Find your Purchased CD Key



Here you will find all your purchased digital products. Find the game you are after and click to show your CD Key…

Step 6 - Find your Purchased CD Key


And that’s it!


You can now input this key into your Origin or Steam Account!


  • Sammy

    i cant believe it is that simple.. had been frustrated in the past about all the better deals available on amazon and all it took was to change a couple of lines in my account

  • cdkeyprices

    Tested again just now..and still working. Fifa 14 here we come!

    • Дмитрий Негодяев

      Still works.

  • G Cooper

    Tested today, just bought Crysis 3 for $14.99US from Canada.
    When buying Origin games you will need to connect to your Origin account or Register before buying. This is why you won’t see the “CHANGE” option until you link your Origin account to Amazon.
    Otherwise, Still works like a charm.

  • Alan Aitken-Smith

    just tried and it worked fine very glad considering amazon uk doesn’t have a game store i’m guessing they think we don’t play games.

  • Alexander Carlsson

    Can confirm, as of 29th november 2013 it’s still working.

    • cdkeyprices

      Thanks so much Alexander, was just thinking about retesting this as the Amazon sales are heating up. What game did you get?!

      • Solid

        I got this message “Some Game and Software downloads go through extra verification that may take up to 4 hours” is this normal sometimes?

        edit: nevermind as I wrote this the transaction showed up on my CC so it went through ok. had me wondering for a minute :)

  • Erick Rodrigues

    it works! great!

    • cdkeyprices

      Thank you, good to hear!

  • Connor Johnson

    Thank you so much for this guide. Just bought PAYDAY 2 for £6.11 ($10) using this method as opposed to the £15 UK price…

  • Alon Diamant

    Worked for me.

    I changed the billing address to address of a US family member, but the payment failed. So, I went inside, updated the card and set the BILLING ADDRESS to the Israeli one. The purchase succeeded, hurrah!

  • Pierre-Luc Godin

    Still works as of January 15th!

    • cdkeyprices

      Thank you!

  • CheesusGamer

    Cant belive it was that easy!
    I just saved 30$ from TES Online!
    Confirming it still works as 10th of February 2014

    • CDKeyPrices

      Great to hear!

  • Grzegorz Wrzosek

    Still working! Thanks ;)

  • eni

    Didnt work for buying a MP3 otuside the states… disappointed :/

  • Alon

    i just ordered a game with that …it gave the “Some Game and Software downloads go through extra verification that may take up to 4 hours.”
    i hope it will work ! ^^ other then that the way you showed work just fine… baypass the whole… you need to be from the US to order!
    i’ll update here if it confirm my order or decline…
    07 march 2014

    • Alon

      +question if anyone still in this thread..
      if i buy a Digital game can i use the code on two computers? like steam?

  • Alon

    update… i bought a game today on the 7th march 2014.. Working Great!
    + my other question… the code works on steam so im good =D
    Thanks alot for this easy and simple way =D

  • oswreview

    Still works!

  • AggelosMw

    STILL WORKS!!! (4 may 2014) ordered digital edition of cod4 from and it worked!!! got my code in 1min. Activated on steam !!!

  • Vinícius Cirino

    Still works as of 27th may 2014. I just bought ”Ultimate LEGO Bundle [Online Game Code]”. Thank you so much!!! ;D

  • TurboB

    Still works(19 June 2014).
    I ordered fifa 14 online game code and activate it on origin.

  • Alfredo Concha

    Order Placed:

    August 28, 2014

    Worked! :D

  • Daniel

    Doesn’t seem to work for me. My order was canceled because you must use a credit/debit cared issued by a U.S. bank. Tried using a Visa.

  • Daniel

    A way around this is to purchase a gift card to yourself for the amount you need, then apply it to your account, then purchase it :)

  • S. Mehmi

    Tested it on 13th September 2014 and it still works. Cheers :)

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