Battlefield 4 Language Change Guide

Updated 20/11/2013. If you installed the game in Polish, please reinstall as Russian


So just like the Russian version of BF3, the new RU Battlefield 4 CD Key is also able to have it’s language changed so we can actually read what is on the screen :)

We have broken this down into some easy and simple steps. Where we have blatantly stolen something, we will give credit :)

Step 1 – Download The Game

We are tracking the prices of Battlefield 4 CD Key Russian here.

Go through the stores there, make sure your selected online cd key store has the actual product in stock, and then play the waiting game :(

Step 2 – Download The Language Packs

Whilst you are waiting for your Battlefield 4 Russian CD Key to be delivered, start downloading the language pack;


Be safe in the knowledge that these packs have been directly ripped from the multi-language installation of the game

Step 3 – Extract The Language Files

Once downloaded, extract the files to these locations. Do NOT delete the language packs that are currently there!

If you have 32 bit Windows;
C:\Program Files\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\

If you have 64 bit Windows
C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games \BATTLEFIELD 4\

Step 4 – Get The November 14th Patch Language Files

You will also need to download the latest English files.

Get It!

Place the downloaded ‘loc’ folder in;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4\Update\Patch\Data\Win32

Place the EXE files in;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 4

Step 5 – The Registry Fix

Download it here

Simply download this file and run; Make sure it is correctly pointing to where your Battlefield is installed!

Step 6 – Use The Outcome Launcher

Outcome is a awesome little piece of software which allows us to play Origin games without Origin running.

Download it here.

Install and input your Origin username and password. It’s safe don’t worry!

Close the Origin program.

Install Outcome.

When you start Outcome, it will do some little magic.

Play Battlefield!

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